12 Steps: The Sequel by Dr. Wendy Coughlin

Bill Wilson defined emotional sobriety as the ability to translate mental conviction into an emotional result leading to easy, happy and good living. This is the challenge for those in long term recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction.

In her book, Dr. Coughlin presents a reformulation of the tried and true 12 steps of the AA program to provide people in recovery with what she has found to be the next 12 steps on the journey toward a happy life. These steps provide a positive outlook enabling one to maximize wellness and personal growth.

12 Steps: The Sequel provides the roadmap for the next level of the journey toward a happy destiny. Relying on the principles of the original steps, decades of her own sobriety and 35 years as a mental health professional, Wendy challenges us all to continue growing in recovery.

As you work The Sequel steps, you can admit that you have the power to manage your life and have been restored to sanity. In identifying your assets, talents and capabilities, you can develop a plan to fulfill your potential. The Sequel steps provide an additional guide to establish emotional sobriety and maximize the benefits of your recovery.

From the Preface of 12 Steps: The Sequel

Be challenged. Consider your potential. Recovery allows you to discover untapped abilities as well as resurrect old skills and talents. It is an opportunity to strengthen skills, develop new goals, and take risks. If you have already beaten the odds and established multiple years of abstinence, you have already proven you have the discipline, faith and perseverance to achieve any goal you set. As Dr. Seuss said:

You have brains in your head, You have feet in your shoes, You can steer yourself any direction you choose. (Seuss, 1990)

How to start? Read on! And, by all means, KISMIF! (Keep It Simple, Make It Fun)

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