Welcome to the Office of Dr. Wendy Coughlin

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Dr. Wendy Coughlin is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Collaborative Facilitator, and Master Addiction Counselor practicing in Pinellas County Florida. With the advent of telehealth and HIPAA compliant video conferencing, Dr. Coughlin works with families throughout the state and throughout the nation. *Services outside the state of Florida are limited to family and dependency court matters that originate in the State.

When choosing a mental health professional, it is wise to look beyond the educational credentials and license to the philosophies and style of the service provider.

Dr. Coughlin is an engaged, interactive psychotherapist when working with families, couples, and individuals wishing to improve their lives and relationships. She believes all people can benefit from professional intervention and anyone sincerely willing to change, can change for the better. After decades of helping others, Dr. C has many tools and techniques to help.

A major focus of this practice is to work with separating families—once marrieds going for dissolution and never-marrieds with children coparenting from separate households. As an expert in coparenting and child development, Dr. Coughlin skillfully navigates the stressors of separation and assists families in transition. When needed, she provides mental health and substance use disorder evaluations to the court. If additional investigation is requested, she is certified to work as a Guardian ad Litem to protect the best interests of children.


Hi! I am glad you are taking the time to check me out – you should! Whether self-referred or court ordered, I would like to share a few things about my practice with you.

It may seem strange, given my profession, but I love what I do. I have been privileged to learn a great deal over the past 35 years; it is fulfilling to share that knowledge with others in the hopes they may improve their lives.

Over the years, I have established expertise in substance use disorders, gifted issues, collaborative family law, post-traumatic stress, parental alienation, and parenting coordination. Substance use disorders invaded my childhood and my adult life, so it was a natural area for specialization. Meeting the challenges of parenting two gifted children led to my involvement with the Gifted Association of Pinellas and a knowledge base to support the special needs of gifted children and their parents. After seeing families nearly destroyed by court intervention, I became certified as a Guardian ad Litem, qualified as a Parenting Coordinator, Certified Family Mediator and Collaborative Facilitator. Along the way it was necessary to develop safety-sensitive tools to help individuals suffering from Substance Use Disorders, PTSD family discord, and parental alienation.

One step in my career has led to another. As a “seasoned” mental health counselor (this means I’m over 60), there are few problems I haven’t encountered and virtually no situation I won’t attempt to help. When working with others, I get engaged. I will offer solutions. I will collaborate with you. I may ask you to bring your family in. I will gladly coordinate care with other professionals. If you or a loved one suffers from a substance use disorder, call me—I get it! Separation and/or divorce issues—call me. There are ways to lessen the damage and preserve the family during reconstruction.

Not sure? Although I have a very busy practice, I will make time for a brief phone consult to help ease your anxiety and answer general questions about the services I provide.

I look forward to meeting you!