Addiction Services

Dr. Coughlin is a Master’s Level Certified Addiction Professional and a Certified Addiction Counselor. She has evaluated and treated addictive disorders for over 30 years.

Medical research has proven that biological changes in the body and the brain underlie the disease of addiction. Substance dependence is a biopsychosocial disease process that must be treated medically, behaviorally, and psychologically. Dr. Coughlin has personal and family experience with the disease, is academically trained, and professionally certified to treat and recommend treatment to foster sustained recovery. She brings a unique expertise to evaluating, developing treatment plans, and monitoring recovery for individuals suffering from substance use disorders. Dr. Coughlin is certified as a Master Addiction Counselor with the National Association of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) and locally certified by the Florida Certification Board as a Masters Certified Addiction Professional.

Family Court Matters

Substance use disorders often cause problems in families and may be a causal factor when couples choose to separate. When children are involved, the court often requires an assessment of fitness to parent which will include an evaluation for substance use disorders. Substance use disorders are assessed through diagnostic interviews, objective testing, toxicology tests, document reviews, and collateral references. Each evaluation is individually tailored to the needs of the individual and family.

Local agencies and programs often refer individuals to Dr. Coughlin for evaluation and treatment recommendations. Treatment options range from individual therapy to mutual-help groups to Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and inpatient programs.

Monitoring recovery may involve contracting for monitoring devices (e.g. Soberlink, ignition interlock, or SCRAM), random drug screens, and/or collateral documentation.

When a parent is known or suspected to have a substance use disorder, a time-sharing plan can be developed that assures that the parent who remains abstinent maintains or increases their parenting time. Conversely, the plan can assure that a parent in relapse loses unsupervised timesharing until they re-enter remission. Dr. Coughlin has developed a “Chutes and Ladders” phased program that can be adapted to the individual situation allowing the parent to “go up the ladder” and gain more parenting time with increased periods of abstinence. If a relapse occurs, the parent “goes down the chute” back to supervised timesharing until abstinence is re-established.
DUI/BUI and Safety Council Services

Dr. Coughlin is a provider for the Suncoast Safety Council. She can provide treatment services required by the Council following a DUI or BUI. Dr. Coughlin does not offer group programs; her services are individual treatment only. As such, treatment can be individualized for those whose special needs prohibit participation in a weekly group process. All Suncoast Safety Council services must be face-to-face. Sessions may occur twice a week, weekly or biweekly contingent on the initial assessment and client needs.

If you have been charged with DUI or BUI, check with your attorney and/or the Suncoast Safety Council before scheduling to see Dr. Coughlin. It may be necessary for you to be evaluated by the Safety Council before scheduling your first appointment.

 Professionals Resource Network (PRN) and Impaired Nurses Program (IPN)

Dr. Coughlin is an approved evaluator for the PRN and IPN networks. If you are a healthcare professional who has a substance use or mental health disorder which requires an assessment or treatment, Dr. C may be able to help. If you have not reported to PRN or IPN, please call for a consultation before scheduling an appointment; it is usually necessary to be referred through your professional support network.