Family Therapy

Each of us lives in a family constellation whether the “family members” are biologically related or simply the group we closest relate with. These family members, as well as our family of origin, influence how we think, feel and act. Dr. Coughlin’s theoretical perspective on individual behavior is deeply connected to her respect for the influence of the family. When she has the opportunity to work with multiple family members it often provides the greatest therapeutic progress.

Because each family is different, it is not possible to define the typical course of treatment. From your initial contact Dr. Coughlin will begin developing a plan to treat the family. Please call the office and request a brief phone consult directly with the doctor prior to scheduling the appointment. This will allow Dr. C to determine whether part or all of the family should be seen on the initial visit.

Frequently the initial visit will be an extended session broken into smaller units of time to have brief contact with each family member. In highly conflicted families, therapy may proceed on an individual basis before bringing the family together. If substance abuse exists, the family must first determine if the treatment focus will be on assisting the family cope with the addict’s behavior or intervening for the addict to move into recovery. The treatment plan will be tailored to meet the needs of each individual family.