Parent/Child Contact Problems

Any time any child resists or refuses to see a parent on a continuing basis, there is a parent/child contact problem. The reasons this happens range from transitory conditions to toxic neglect or even abuse. Regardless of the reasons a child is resisting time with a parent, professional consultation is recommended. The solution may be as simple as installing a nightlight in the child’s bedroom at the rejected parent’s home. The solution may be so complex it requires court intervention, sequestration and a weekend intensive with the rejected parent. Sometimes there are justifiable reasons for a child to reject a parent. Unless there has been physical or sexual abuse to the child, children can usually be reconciled with an estranged parent.

Dr. Coughlin’s earliest training was in family therapy; much of her career has been spent treating children and adolescents. She is comfortable providing mentorship to professionals and guidance to parents when family therapy is an option.

Certified as a Family Mediator and Guardian ad Litem, qualified as a Parenting Coordinator and Parental Alienation Specialist, Dr. Coughlin can provide guidance and treatment recommendations for the continuum of parent/child contact problems. Whether the goal is to restore the parent/child relationship, say goodbye for now, or litigate for intensive treatment of an alienation case, Dr. Coughlin has the training and experience to provide assessments and recommendations.

If you wish to consult on parent/child contact problems, it is advisable to schedule a minimum of one hour. If more time is needed, or documents need to be reviewed, Dr. Coughlin will make that recommendation during the initial consultation. Attorneys and parents anticipating the involvement of family court are encouraged to obtain consultations prior to filing motions.