Gifted Issues

In Pinellas County the ESE students include all students with exceptionalities which require special teaching techniques and extra attention. Gifted is one of those exceptionalities. If a school system as large as Pinellas recognizes the special needs of high IQ students, it should be apparent that unique counseling perspectives and special therapeutic consideration may be necessary.

Dr. Coughlin’s interest in the special needs of gifted individuals rose from her need to learn about gifted children in order to better parent two gifted children. Her expertise comes from years of study as well as personal experience.

 Parenting Tools:

Unlike commonly used techniques of power and control which can be very effective in managing the behavior of other children, gifted children will often respond with resistance and determination to hold their position. To effectively manage gifted children without constant conflict, it is frequently necessary to negotiate or contract with these children. Even the best self-help books suggest age-appropriate techniques that will not work with a precocious gifted child. Dr. Coughlin has assisted many parents of gifted children adjust their parenting styles to best fit their children’s specific needs.
Direct Services to Gifted Individuals:

By definition, gifted individuals are in the top 2% of the population according to generalized IQ tests. This means that their skills, whether in logic, artistic ability, spatial awareness or other specific intelligences, are superior to 98% of the people around them. When you are different than 98% of your peers this can cause severe adjustment issues. Frequently those most capable look around them, see that they are different and assume that the difference is bad. Though individual counseling Dr. Coughlin can help gifted individuals adjust to the world around them and formulate plans for activities, work, and relationships that meet their unique needs.