What makes Dr. Coughlin different from the rest?

When choosing a mental health professional, it is wise to look beyond the educational credentials and license to the philosophies and style of the service provider. Although Dr. Coughlin has many credentials and specializations, she views her primary role as that of a problem solver. Her goal from the first session is to arrive at the final session as quickly as possible, collaborating with each client to help resolve his or her own problems. She may “captain” the process, but her clients determine the itinerary and acceptable solutions.

As a psychotherapist, Dr. Coughlin has developed many specialty skills. These areas include but are not limited to: adolescent and adult counseling, family therapy, parenting education, reunification therapy, substance addictions, behavioral addictions, gifted issues, treatments for PTSD, family mediation, Guardian ad Litem investigations, parenting coordination, substance use disorder, and mental health evaluations.

As an evaluator, Dr. Coughlin combines knowledge gleaned from psychological testing, collateral references, professional consultations, and individual interviews to provide an objective overview of the individual’s mental health status and/or substance use pattern. The evaluation process typically includes testing, 2-3 interviews, and consultations with other professionals. The exit interview includes the opportunity to have the results explained and discussed with the client. Most reports include treatment recommendations. When evaluations are requested related to family court matters, recommendations may be made for timesharing and parenting plans. When an individual suffers from a disorder which limits time sharing with children, Dr. Coughlin will outline “a way back,” recommending milestones for stabilization which enable a return to active parenting.

As a consultant, everyone may have access to Dr. Coughlin’s expertise! In over 4 decades of professional practice, Dr. C has accumulated a wealth of knowledge that she will gladly share during consultation sessions. Dr. Coughlin is a Masters Certified Addiction Professional, a Qualified Parenting Coordinator, Certified as a Guardian ad Litem, a Specialist in Parental Alienation, and a Florida State Certified Family Mediator. She has extensive training in a wide variety of subjects.

Who can benefit from consultations? Professionals looking for guidance managing mental health issues, Attorney Guardian ad Litems looking for guidance to develop a Parenting Plan when a parent has a Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health Professionals needing assistance understanding family court matters, and others who simply wish to consult an expert. For individuals uncertain of what, if any, mental health services they may need, or families going through separation and divorce, individuals and families struggling with substance abuse, Dr. Coughlin can offer professional guidance conveniently through her consultation practice. For your convenience, you may schedule a consultation and complete payment.

Dr. Coughlin is in high demand to provide direct services to clients. Unfortunately she cannot fulfill many requests for her services, so please consider using her as a consultant or incorporating her consultant services with treatment provided by other qualified professionals. This service was created to answer the needs of her community.

For details regarding her professional history, education, credentials and association memberships, please refer to Dr. Coughlin’s Curriculum Vitae.


John Hornbeck was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. He went to high school, college, and law school in St. Pete. John graduated from Keswick Christian High School, University of South Florida, and Stetson University College of Law. While at USF on a full scholarship, John was able to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in only three years, while also working in the academic advising office.

John graduated from Stetson Law School early as well, taking only two and a half years to receive his Juris Doctorate. While at Stetson, John was co-chair of the Alumni Relations Committee, Christian Legal Society, and the Go Green Committee. John was also the captain for softball, soccer, and kickball. John received a Certificate for Excellence in Leadership from Stetson. John has a diverse legal practice. He enjoys helping healthcare professionals obtain and keep their licenses. He has experience in traffic court cases, DUI and other misdemeanors, and some felony experience; his forte is helping resolve legal matters through collaboration and mediation.

John received his love of law from his father who is an attorney (Harvard ‘75, Stetson ‘79). An interest in medicine was piqued by his grandfather William Hornbeck (Harvard ‘45, Harvard Medical ’47). John’s wife Dr. Beth Hornbeck (Vanderbilt ’08, FSU Medical ’16) is a pediatrician. Dr. Wendy Coughlin is his mother-in-law. John has, at his disposal, these professional consultants from both mental and physical health perspectives to help inform his work in protecting the best interests of children. John found his niche in providing Guardian ad Litem services for family court matters. Officially trained in 2021, John frequently assists Dr. Coughlin with her Guardian ad Litem cases in addition to his own work as a GAL.

John has a lifetime of experience helping others. His community service includes helping youth in St. Petersburg where he was honored with the City of St. Petersburg Volunteer of the Year Award for his work. He served two years as the Youth Coordinator for his church, mentoring and teaching kids the Bible. In addition, he volunteered at a public school teaching Civics and Constitutional Law to 7th graders. He also volunteered his time teaching senior citizens history. Whenever work and family allow, you will find John at the golf course, playing a round of golf or hitting balls.


Elizabeth Hornbeck is a board certified pediatrician who has dedicated her career to helping children. She believes that pediatric health must be viewed from the perspective of a child as a whole person. She views both physical and mental health as essential to a child’s well being.

Dr. Hornbeck attended Vanderbilt University where she earned a BA in Neuroscience. She went on to receive an MS in molecular medicine. She concluded her formal education at FSU where she received her MD.

Dr. Hornbeck then went on to train at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando in general pediatrics. She practiced general pediatrics in Pinellas County immediately following residency. Most recently, she has accepted a position at Brandon Regional Medical Center through Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital where she will care for children requiring hospitalization.

Dr. Hornbeck continues to be passionate about the well being of all children while she raises two of her own.