What makes Dr. Coughlin different from the rest?

When choosing a mental health professional, it is wise to look beyond the educational credentials and license to the philosophies and style of the service provider.

She views her primary role as that of a problem solver, someone intent on identifying the problem and assisting others in developing solutions. Her goal from the first session is to arrive at the final session as quickly as possible, empowering each client to resolve his or her own problems. She may “captain” the process, but her clients determine the itinerary and landings. The clients’ objectives determine the course. For example:

As a Collaborative Facilitator, Dr. Coughlin takes the helm of a professional team to help families transition from coupleship to separate living situations. When there are minor children or other dependents with special needs, Dr C can help formulate a Parenting Plan or Life Care Plan to be part of a settlement agreement. If there are mental health or substance use issues, a plan can be tailored to make certain all remain safe and appropriate care measures are in place. During a full team meeting including attorneys and a financial neutral, Dr. Coughlin will manage the meeting to maximize efficiency and make certain each client’s needs are considered. Need to know more about the Collaborative Process? Click here.

As a psychotherapist, Dr. Coughlin has developed many specialty skills, each arising out of personal interest (substance use disorders and gifted issues) or professional needs (trauma and parental alienation). These areas include but are not limited to: collaborative process, family therapy, adolescent treatment, substance addictions, behavioral addictions, Guardian ad Litem work, gifted issues, treatments for PTSD , family mediation, and parent coordination.

As an evaluator, Dr. Coughlin combines knowledge gleaned from psychological testing, collateral references, professional consultations, and individual interviews to provide an objective overview of the individual’s mental health status. The evaluation process typically includes two interviews and allows the individual to explain areas that appear to be problematic. Most reports include treatment recommendations. When evaluations are requested related to family court matters, recommendations may be made for time sharing and parenting plans. When an individual suffers from a disorder which limits time sharing with children, Dr. Coughlin will outline “a way back,” recommending milestones in recovery which enable a return to active parenting.

No matter what professional service she provides, Dr. Coughlin is committed to helping others improve their lives. From the first contact, she begins to develop insights into the maladaptive behaviors or beliefs that interfere with an individual’s or family’s success in achieving their goals. All work is approached as collaboration between the expert in human behavior, Dr. Coughlin, and the expert in the individual, the client.

For details regarding her professional history, education, credentials and association memberships, please refer to Dr. Coughlin’s Curriculum Vitae.