Legal Evaluations

Individuals are typically referred by their attorneys for evaluation to assist in defense or treatment planning. Assessment usually involves objective testing, a diagnostic interview and report preparation. The report will include mental health and/or substance abuse diagnoses along with treatment recommendations. Attorneys use this information to better understand the mental status of their client. The report is often presented to the court to explain the individual’s behavior.

Dr. Coughlin is certified by state, national and federal agencies to treat and evaluate individuals with addictive disorders. Because of these credentials, she is a qualified professional to provide DUI evaluations and second opinions.

Dr. Coughlin has expertise in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder which enables her to evaluate acute cases and provide treatment consultation. Her general psychotherapy practice provides 25 years’ experience conducting diagnostic interviews and planning treatment.

Although it is possible for Dr. C to provide treatment after the initial evaluation, she cannot provide an objective evaluation if she has already begun treatment of the individual. If you have pending legal issues please discuss the possible need for an evaluation before beginning treatment; Dr. Coughlin will contact your attorney to determine what services might best meet your needs.