Dr. Coughlin’s first career was teaching psychology in the Division of Special Studies of Hofstra University in New York. She later began clinical work in group homes, residential care facilities and outpatient addiction services. Since 1986 she has maintained a private practice in mid-Pinellas County.

Many will inquire about the theoretical orientation of particular psychotherapists. The most practical and relevant response is to report a Cognitive-Behavioral orientation. Indeed all psychotherapy rests on changing cognitive (thought) and behavior(action) patterns. So what makes Dr. Coughlin different from the rest?

First, she is committed to helping others improve their life. From the first contact, Dr. Coughlin begins to develop insights into the maladaptive behaviors or beliefs that interfere with an individual’s, couple’s or family’s success. She views her primary role as that of a problem solver, someone intent on identifying the problem and assisting others in developing solutions. Her goal from the first session is to arrive at the final session as quickly as possible empowering each client to resolve his or her own problems.

Therapy is seen as collaboration between the expert in human behavior, Dr. Coughlin, and the expert in the individual or relationship, the client(s). Dr. Coughlin expects therapy to improve functioning; if it does not, she welcomes a re-evaluation of the goals and a reorientation of treatment to best serve the client.

Dr. Coughlin has studied many specialty areas of psychology. These areas include but are not limited to: family therapy, adolescents, behavioral addictions, substance addictions, eating disorders, gifted issues, trauma, mediation, and parent coordination.

For details regarding her professional history, education, credentials and association memberships, please refer to her Curriculum Vitae.